Robin Drive

Robin Drive was a revision project. Our client desireda tropical, lush and drought-tolerant landscape design, which would provide the property withprivacy.

We installed ficus hedges and large potted philodendrons to provide overall perimeter privacy. Additionally, we craned in palm trees around the cantilevered pool in order to block views from surrounding rooftops and to provide our client with the feel of a tropical oasis.

Next, we needed to address the existing monotone plantings in the front, sides and lower levels of the residence.We replaced85% of the existing plant material with a colorful low maintenance option. To create aneye-catching work of living art throughout the outdoor living area, we placed potted accent plantingswith colorful and vibrant succulents. In areas whichlacked sunlight, we used a variety of bromeliads and pothos to tie in the tropical feel and ensure low maintenance.

Lastly, on the rooftop where wind was an issue, we opted fora shorter variety of birds of paradise which peaks up to 4’ tall.