Miller Place

Miller Place was a full clean up and redesign.During our first walkthrough we encountered an overgrown and partially barren backyard, which extended to both sides of the home and around the pool down to the lower level.

The west side of the property had an existing railroad tie staircase and winding pathway surrounded by a mix of large trees. Our client wanted to create a woodsy feel,so we planted oak leaf hydrangeas and other low growing woodland planting in the shaded area. Mediterranean material was used in the areas that received a solid amount of sunlight.

Next, we tackled the area by the pool deck by clearing it out and planting a range of colorful salvias, bougainvillea, and cypress, as well as a mix of grasses and California natives. The hillside above the pool was completely cleared and replanted with a mix of salvias, large succulents, echium candicans, arbutus marina, and cypress. Our client wanted both sides of the home connected, so we built a walking path from the fire pit next to the pool deckto the railroad tie steps on the south side. Saltillo steps near the pool deck completed the look.

Our client’s final wish was an edible garden. To that end we created a fruit tree and citrus grove on the upper southwest side of the home underplanted with chamomile, thyme, lavender, blueberries artichokes, passion vines, and other edible plant material.We also planted pots on the upper level near the kitchen with herbs for easy access.

Our client now spends most of their time outside entraining and touring their garden they are so proud of.