About us

Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group

Eva Knoppel, founder of the Los Angeles landscape design company, Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group, Inc. was born in Arvika, Sweden. She holds a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Uppsala.

In 1977 she moved to the United States and for 23 years worked as a molecular biologist at UCLA and Children’s Hospital.

Nevertheless, her love for plants overcame her and she traded in her test tubes and beakers for a trowel and garden shears and opened a nursery in Long Beach City. A high-end florist shop on Melrose in West Hollywood followed, and in 1995 she opened Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group, Inc.

She has a husband and three sword-wielding children, all of whom, except for the husband, are champion fencers. Her eldest, Christina Knoppel followed after Eva’s footsteps and has been Executive Design Assistant since 2013.

Our Philosophy

We believe that nature is an essential part of the human condition. Whether it’s a front or backyard, a perennial garden, a cutting garden, an atrium, a balcony, a large estate or an urban landscape — a garden offers a place for quiet activities, a place that delights all who pass by, a space to learn, an outdoor area for entertaining and recreation, a place to escape from everyday stress, a setting to watch the wonders of nature unfold, a place to revisit memories, or a means of eliminating unwanted sights and sounds. It nurtures the soul and dazzles the eye, and it all begins with your dreams.